About Us

Christina Moss
Kenny Davies

Who We Are

Christina Moss is the creator of the Christina Moss Naturals® line of products and she is the Co-Founder of Christina Moss Naturals. She has been creating pure and clean hair and skin products for 18 years. (Christina is also an American author of 5 published novels with a cult following of fans all over the world.)

Kenny Davies is the Co-Founder of Christina Moss Naturals®. Kenny brings years of experience to our company.

As a team, Kenny and Christina oversee the manufacturing of these fine products, ensuring the utmost in quality and freshness.

Our Mission

Simple, organic ingredients
No harmful chemicals
Environment comes first

Since 1999, Christina Moss has been educating her customers on the simple fact that what goes on your body, goes into your bloodstream via your skin. She and her business partner, Kenny Davies believe that you and your family deserve pure and clean hair and skin products.

We believe that your body should truly reflect who you are. Fresh, glowing skin and glossy, healthy hair are signs of a vibrant and youthful spirit. Conventional beauty products contain toxic ingredients that cover up that vibrancy. Our mission is to bring it back to the surface.

If you’ve ever felt disgusted or overwhelmed when reading the ingredients list on the back of a bottle of conventional moisturizer or shampoo, you’re not alone. We’ve been developing and perfecting our formulas since 1999, and believe that the ingredients we put in are just as important as the ones we leave out. You’ll never find parabens, SLS or SLES, PG or PG derivatives, fragrances, preservatives, or any other harmful chemical in any of our products. That’s a promise.

We also promise to put the environment first when it comes to developing, manufacturing, and shipping all of our products. You’ll see this in the materials we use, how we choose to package our products, and even in the methods we use to conserve water.

A healthy body and a healthy environment go hand in hand. Our mission is to bring out the best in both, starting with you.