Our Affiliate Program

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Love our products? Want to earn money by spreading the news?

Join the Christina Moss Naturals Affiliate Program today and earn a 10% commission on ALL of our products.

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Do you want to make money with your blog, website or social media presence? Join the Christina Moss Naturals Affiliate Program and earn up to 10% commission on qualifying sales.

Our commission rates blow our competitors out of the water – as much as 10%! Just share our organic shampoos, soaps, moisturizers and accessories from the Christina Moss Naturals Store, and you’ll earn a piece of every sale.

Our Affiliate links remain active wherever you post them, for an entire year. That means that you will continue to earn 10% commissions on ALL sales generated by the links you create and post on your blog, social media, send out in emails and you name it, for an ENTIRE YEAR.

It’s free, it’s easy as pie and it pays.

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The Christina Moss Naturals Affiliate Program pays you for any purchase made by a person you refer - not just the products you share. Plus, we have an astounding 365-day purchase window, the longest in the industry! Use our tools for creating, promoting, and tracking your campaigns so you can maximize revenue.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the only true way to reward your loyalty with cold hard cash. Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based reward system that tracks sales generated from an Affiliate's network. Each affiliate will be rewarded for the sales they generate.

What is an Affiliate?

Affiliates are people just like you who apply for our affiliate program and are accepted. Our affiliates use specialized links to track the sales they generate. Want to be an affiliate? Click here.

How do I get Paid?

Once you have been approved as an Affiliate, you will enter your payment account info into your Affiliate Account. Our system will automatically track all sales generated by your links, and keep accurate tally of your total earned commissions. Then, once every two weeks, we press a few buttons and your commissions are automatically paid out.

How Often do I get Paid?

Every other week on a pre-set schedule. Once you open your Affiliate Account, you will be added to that payment schedule, along with all of our other Affiliates. All of our Affiliates are paid on the same day at the same time, every two weeks.

Are there any ingredients in the products that are not listed on the products?

No. Our ingredients lists are fully complete. No secrets, no tricks, no gimmicks.

How long do my Affiliate Links stay active once I've created and posted them?

Your Affiliate links will stay active for an entire year. That means that any time anyone clicks on one your Affiliate Links and buys anything on our website from using your link, you get a 10% commission on the total sale. For an entire year.

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