Our Products

When we started thinking about developing beauty products in 1999, our first thought was “what type of products would we like to use?” Here’s what we decided:

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Nurture With Clean Ingredients

We want products that nurture your skin using clean and pure ingredients.

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Never Toxic

We want products that never, ever include toxic or potentially harmful ingredients.

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Environment First

We want products that put the environment first.

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Minimalist Mentality

We want products that reflect a minimalist mentality.

Every Christina Moss Naturals® product nurtures your skin by nourishing the body’s largest organ with safe and effective ingredients.

Every Christina Moss Naturals® product never, ever includes toxic or potentially harmful ingredients. Parabens, phthalates, fragrances, and other toxic chemicals cause your hair and skin to age too early. There are plenty of natural alternatives to these chemicals, so not only are they harmful, they’re completely unnecessary! We refuse to work with them.

Every Christina Moss Naturals® product puts the environment first. We’re committed to having as little impact as possible on the environment while still delivering amazing benefits to hair and skin.

Every Christina Moss Naturals® product reflects a minimalist mentality. All of our products are packed in small, recyclable bottles to spare the environment from excess waste. Our products are concentrated, allowing us to use less water. Finally, we ship in small cardboard boxes with natural packing materials. Not only is this easier on the environment, it’s easier to ship – and we pass those savings on to you.

We use these four ideas as a guide for all of the products we create. These four ideas are a reflection of our values, but that’s not all. Over our 18 years of experience in the skin and hair care products industry, a huge percentage of our sales are from repeat customers and referrals. That fact is proof that our customers want the same things in their skin and hair care products that we do.

We don't think chemicals are good for people, so we only use the cleanest and freshest ingredients in our formulas.

  • We ask that you store these products responsibly.
  • Always do a patch test before trying any new product.