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Everything You Need to Know About Verbena Essential Oil


If you love the bright, lively aroma of a freshly squeezed lemon, you’ll love verbena essential oil as much as I do! This citrusy oil is one of my go-to ingredients when I want to give one of my skin or haircare products a little boost. But verbena’s aroma is just the beginning. Here’s everything you need to know about this useful essential oil:

Verbena Essential Oil Uses

Verbena essential oil is distilled from the leaves and stalk of the lemon verbena plant. Both the leaves and the oil have been used for centuries in the culinary arena, providing foods with a subtle but delicious lemony flavor. Today it’s still used in the kitchen, but you’ll also find verbena oil playing many roles in aromatherapy, skincare, and massage:

  • Treating Acne: Verbena essential oil contains antiseptic properties, which make it a powerhouse for cleaning the skin and clearing up acne. Wash with a diluted mixture nightly to help keep acne flare-ups from marring your complexion.
  • Reduce Eczema: Now I’ll admit this is anecdotal, but I’ve heard people swear by verbena oil when it comes to soothing and reducing eczema flare-ups. Again, a diluted mixture is the best choice here. Try using coconut oil as a carrier to nourish and moisturize eczema-prone skin while reducing the severity of episodes.
  • Slow the Signs of Aging: Add “antioxidant” to the list of verbena’s properties. This oil fights free radicals, helping to reduce the signs of aging on your skin. Use a moisturizer or night cream that contains this essential oil to slow the progression of crow’s feet and other wrinkles.
  • Reducing Joint Pain: Alongside its antiseptic properties, verbena essential oil also helps to reduce inflammation. This makes it a great choice for anyone suffering from joint or arthritis pain. Dilute verbena in your favorite carrier oil and apply to aching joints for natural and aromatic relief.
  • Soothe Sore Muscles: Verbena essential oil is a favorite among sports massage experts. It helps to reduce lactic acid build-up, keeping you much more comfortable after a tough workout.
  • Improve Concentration: Have a long night of work or studying ahead? Drop some verbena oil into an infuser and enjoy its aromatherapeutic benefits. Surrounding yourself in its aroma can help you absorb and retain new information while relaxing away some of the stress and tension of late nights and deadlines.

Verbena Contraindications and Warnings

Most people can use verbena essential oil safely, but a small number of people may experience mild skin irritation, especially if used incorrectly. If you’re new to blending oils, check in with an expert to make sure your mixtures are safe to use. If you have kidney disease, please check in with a doctor before using verbena – some of its components may aggravate your condition.

Finally, be on guard when buying verbena oil. This oil does tend to be on the more expensive side, but there are plenty of people out there who are happy to sell you cheap knock-offs. Do your research and make sure you’re buying from a reputable brand before putting any money down.

Between its physical benefits and its uplifting aroma, verbena is an oil you don’t want to miss out on. Is it a part of your essential oil kit? What’s your favorite use? Let me know about it in the comments below!

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