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Introducing CMN Products to Your Self-Care Routines

Using Products for the First Time

Christina Moss Naturals receives many questions about our products. Since we cannot be with you to provide custom advice for your needs, we want the information below to guide you.

Patch Testing

Perform a patch test with each new product. If you have sensitivities, and/or past or current issues when trying a new product, please perform a patch test first. Once the product delivers and you have confirmed that it is a good fit, use it as part of your routine. If it is not, then discontinue use.

Begin using a small amount of the new product for at least a couple of days before adding another new product, if you plan to do so. Do the patch test again and repeat the above. One’s skin, hair, or scalp can be sensitive to combinations of ingredients, not only a single ingredient or product.

Using a tool or other product that is abrasive, too alkaline, or too acidic can cause irritation. Making the application of a new product seem like it is the wrong fit. Give a new product the chance to work well for you, if it can. Do not use abrasive, harsh tools, or products.

Cooler Water

Please rinse well with cooler water for skin and hair care. Hot water can put skin, scalp, and/or hair in an irritated or dry condition.

Changes Happen So Take Notice

Review your self-care routines to ensure they fit what you need now. Needs can change in different seasons, during travel, a different diet, other events in life, and with age.

Face and Hair Care

For our concentrated formulas, mix with water first before applying to spread the product where it is needed most first. Our facial wash, shampoo, and hair mask are our top three concentrated formulas. A little goes a long way.

When shampooing, be as gentle as needed for your scalp and hair.

Our hair mask is very rich. Apply very little on thoroughly wet hair and only on the ends, when using for the first time. Our hair mask could be used well as a pre-shampoo mask, depending upon your preferences. Increase the amount you use as you understand how it works with your hair. Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly with cooler water.

You Have Choices

Christina Moss Naturals offers choices. If one isn’t your favorite, try another:

  • We have two choices of moisturizers and two choices of toners to balance skin.
  • We also have three choices for cleansing skin all over, our glycerin soap and two body washes.

We Appreciate You

Christina Moss Naturals’ formulas are unique and with most of our products, a little goes a long way.

We want your experience in skincare and hair care to be the best for you.

For further information on skincare, please read our blog:

Take good care naturally,


4 thoughts on “Introducing CMN Products to Your Self-Care Routines

  1. can’t seem to get ahold of you through your contact info so i’ll try this way. I didn’t receive my whole order only 1 thing just wondering when the other 2 things i ordered will come??

    1. Dear Sandy,

      Hi there! First of all, I’m so sorry that you didn’t get all of your items and I’m sorry that you haven’t been able to get ahold of us otherwise. I just sent you an email so that we can get this resolved right away and we get you those missing items.

      I look forward to hearing back from you and I hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas otherwise.



  2. Thanks-a-mundo for the post. Much thanks again. Much obliged. Atlante Kelley Ragouzis

  3. This is helpful information, especially for when my first order arrives. Can’t wait for my order to arrive as many of my longtime products I have counted on to deal with my chemical sensitivities are no longer available. So I feel very lucky to have found you just as my supplies run out. Read every ingredient list and review for each product to be confident about placing my first order. I have family members with the same sensitivities, all who are waiting to sample with me. We are hoping your products will serve us all well now and for a long time to come.

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