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New Product Announcement — Rose Toner with Vitamin C


I want to announce our first new product of 2019 — It’s a Rose Toner with vitamin C added.  This is a super anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, skin renewal product that will greatly benefit your daily skin care routine.

I’ve included only super powerful skin-supporting ingredients. Each ingredient was chosen for a very specific purpose which is to help prevent the appearance of premature aging and boost and beautify your skin.  Here’s what’s on the ingredients list and what each ingredient does for the face:

Organic Aloe Vera — Aloe gently soothes tired and stressed skin which is an amazing quality, but perhaps more importantly, Aloe is such an effective skin healer that doctors prescribe it for burn patients to help prevent scaring and speed skin recovery.

Organic Witch Hazel — This is a plant (a woody bush actually) which is high in tannins and so it is an astringent — and that means it tightens skin and closes pores. This ingredient is an anti-inflammatory, it actually kills bacteria and it has other anti-microbial qualities.

Organic Rose Water — Besides the fact that it smells great and makes the skin silky soft, the beneficial qualities of rose water are legendary. It is known to soothe skin, reduce redness, heal scars and cuts, enhance mood and it can even help relieve headaches.

Organic Neroli Water — Neroli is from orange tree blossoms and has the ability to renew and regenerate new skin. It’s another anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory ingredient which has the added benefit of balancing skin moisture so that dryer skin feels more hydrated while oily skin is also benefited.

Organic Cucumber extract — We’ve all seen the ladies with cucumber slices over their eyes!  That’s because cucumber has a cooling effect and it is well known for reducing under-eye bags.

Sodium Ascorbic Phosphate — Vitamin C is a super anti-oxidant and it’s necessary to help produce new collagen. Normally vitamin C loses its potency when fluid is added, but this is a very specific form of vitamin C which maintains it’s potency for a much longer period of time while suspended in a liquid medium.

Organic Vegetable Glycerin — Glycerin is a non-greasy moisturizing agent which leaves skin soft and supple while treating wrinkles and fine lines.

In developing this product I included the finest quality and most useful ingredients . . . and nothing else. As usual, I only used the good stuff. And just like everything else in the Christina Moss Naturals line, I left out all harmful chemical preservatives, fillers and colorants.

I hope you try my new Rose Toner with Vitamin C. If you do, let me know what you think.

All the best to you,

Christina Moss


3 thoughts on “New Product Announcement — Rose Toner with Vitamin C

  1. Love your blog post. It is very informative and useful.

  2. I am very allergic to Tea Tree Oil. I don’t see it listed above. Does that mean there is no Tea Tree Oil in the ingredients?

    1. Dear Marie,

      Hi there!! First of all, thank you very much for reaching out to us with this question. We’ve had a few other customers who’ve also had the same allergy to Tea Tree so I completely understand your concern. Now, to answer you… on the Rose Toner, you are correct, there is no Tea Tree Oil in it. Every ingredient that we use is listed for each of our products and there is NO hidden or additional ingredients so if you don’t see it listed, it is not there. I hope that helps and if you have any other questions, please do let us know!!

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