Facial Toner – Made With Organic Aloe Vera And Pure, Clean Ingredients

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The level of care that goes into producing Christina Moss Naturals products is what sets them apart from the rest. Made here in the USA using pure ingredients and zero harmful chemicals of any kind, our unique, custom formulated products are designed to do only ONE thing: GET YOU RESULTS. We all want beautiful skin. Yet so many men and women risk damaging it with harsh, chemical-based cosmetics and products that strip the skin of its pH balance, leaving it prone to free radical damage and premature aging. Our Toner (and our Moisturizer and Facial Wash) helps renew skin by neutralizing free radicals and UV related damage to protect and strengthen the skin. Witch Hazel purifies oily skin, tightens pores, while the rest of the ingredients work synergistically to increase elasticity. With each application, your skins pH level is balanced, leaving it in prime condition to effectively absorb the serums or moisturizers of your beauty routine. Our hydrating Toner is infused with anti-aging, skin-nourishing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Green Tea Extract, Edelweiss and Coenzyme Q10. It’s like a spa treatment in a bottle. Non-drying, it is loaded with anti-inflammatory, nourishing ingredients that are safe and gentle enough to use around your sensitive eye area. It will feed your skin while cleansing, tightening pores, removing dirt and product residue. Our vegan formula is free of petrochemicals, GMOs, soy, gluten and synthetic fragrances, thus creating the perfect stable base layer for your skin care products. It’ll make your skin smooth, soft and radiant, while its unique properties calm and soothe skin irritations. Hypoallergenic, it is suitable for ALL skin types. Cruelty-free. No animal testing.

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INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Witch Hazel Extract, Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Edelweiss Extract, Organic Green Tea Extract, Coenzyme Q10. Our Toner is COMPLETELY FREE of parabens, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, fillers, binders, additives, harmful toxic chemicals, colorants, and GMOs.

DESIGNED TO DO ONE THING: GET YOU RESULTS. Our unique custom formulated toner is a stable base layer for serums and moisturizers. While it can be used alongside other brands, by properly layering Christina Moss Naturals products, you’ll receive optimal benefits and the best results possible, since our products are formulated to support a highly effective relationship with one another. With our unique blend of pure and clean ingredients, and complete lack of toxic chemicals, our products are simply good for your skin and body.

PREPS AND HYDRATES YOUR SKIN, REDUCING PUFFINESS, INFLAMMATION, AND REDNESS: Our formula prepares your skin for your beauty routine by penetrating deep into your pores to cleanse them while locking in hydration to increase elasticity. Your skin will be ready to absorb any serums, moisturizers, or nutrients that you use afterwards. And not only that, it also HELPS FIGHT OILY SKIN. The ingredients we use remove excess oils while restoring pH balance to your skin, making it perfect for all skin types and crucial to prevent skin damage. Works well as a make-up remover too. Great for both women and men.

HYDRATES, SOOTHES, AND REJUVENATES THE FACE AND DÉCOLLETÉ: It is made using antioxidants, key nutrients, and anti-inflammatory ingredients that are vital to having healthy skin and retaining your beauty: A) Edelweiss Extract’s strong radical scavenging activity is twice as effective as vitamin C. B) Green Tea Extract has potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which inhibit collagen degradation. C) Coenzyme Q10 contains anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties and reinforces collagen and elastin production. It is also a potent moisturizer. Our formula is calming and clearing for your skin.

NO TOXIC CHEMICALS: Contains Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Witch Hazel Extract, Organic Vegetable Glycerin (non-GMO), Organic Edelweiss Extract, Organic Green Tea Extract & Coenzyme Q10. This is a pure, clean and vegan product, made with pure ingredients, FREE of gluten, soy, GMOs, parabens, chemical preservatives, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances, fillers, binders, additives, colorants and harmful petrochemicals. Expect to see results within the first week of use. Each purchase comes with our HOW TO GUIDE FOR BASIC SKIN CARE. Made in the USA. Cruelty-free, not tested on animals.

RESTORES pH BALANCE, FIGHTS OILY SKIN, REFINES, TIGHTENS, AND CLEANSES PORES: When pores are clogged, they appear bigger. Our Toner contains key and powerful ingredients, all of which work to purify and clean your skin, removing excess dirt and cleanser residue while shrinking and tightening pores, thus reducing their appearance. It helps reduce and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while strengthening your skin to help protect it from factors that speed up the signs of aging, making it very effective for your skin care routine. At the same time it rejuvenates tired skin by calming and soothing inflammation around the eyes, removing excess oils (without drying) and helping combat pimples and blackheads, helping create a more vibrant and youthful complexion.

36 reviews for Facial Toner – Made With Organic Aloe Vera And Pure, Clean Ingredients

  1. N.W.

    I ordered it for my wife and her face has shown much improvement since she started using this toner. Also ordered the facial wash and moisturizer.

  2. C.A.

    Love it! I stopped using toner long ago because they all made my skin overly dry; but not is one!! Very happy

  3. S.B.

    This is now one of my must haves to keep pimples away. I have an oily face but this certainly helps keep it under control. I no longer experience excessive oily skin.

  4. A.C.

    I have been searching for quite some time for organic, non-toxic, chemical free face (skin care) regimen. This is part of my daily routine now and I simply love it. Where other chemicals laden products would dry out my skin or make it feel tingly, this product leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. No tingles. Just clean.

  5. M.E.

    This is a great toner. The smell is very herbal and almost medicinal but I find it very calming and pleasant. I use this after the Christina Moss facial wash. I place a cotton pad over the top of the bottle and invert it twice before smoothing it over my face. It calms the redness of my eczema-prone skin and soothes any irritation I may be dealing with for the day. My dry skin drinks it up and is primed for me to apply a moisturizer. I use it twice a day in the morning and the evening. It’s been about two months and I have about 10% left. I do wish it came in a bigger bottle though.

  6. T.N.

    My skin has been suffering from some very rare but very bad dry spots. This toner, along with face wash and moisturizer, has really helped to clear up the dry spots. This leaves my face feeling fresh and it doesn’t make matters worse like all of the other products I’ve tried. The product stands true to its all natural ingredients. It also stands true to, “A little goes a long way.” Thank you for a wonderful product! I look forward to continuing our business.

  7. P.K.

    I have very, very, very sensitive skin. Usally have an adverse reaction to new facial products. I wanted to up my skin care routine since I am in my mid 30’s. After only a few days, noticed my skin feels more hydrated and looks brighter (but I drink a lot of water and green tea daily). I use all three products together daily, am and pm for almost two weeks. Will continue. Please do not change the product ingredients!

  8. S.J.

    I am very pleased with the toner. It is a quality product.

  9. S.O.

    I use the the Facial Wash followed by the toner and the moisturizer; All three are Absolutely perfect. The freshest, purest feeling after every use. Thank you, I will always stay with your product.

  10. P.Y.

    The toner suited my skin very well. I have part-dry, part-oily skin. Since the time I have been using this product, I have neither got any severe acne outburst nor any dry skin patches. I certainly recommend this product to everyone!

  11. J.J.

    Love this toner that is all natural, this toner has really helped smooth out the texture of my face and clear up clogged pores. My face is clearer than it has been in a long time. I use this after the face wash and then the moisturizer. I have tried many products and this one is the ONLY one that gets the job done!

  12. K.F.

    I am in love with this toner. I’ve never used toner before, but because of my seborrheic dermatitis I thought I would give it a try. I use it after I wash my face every morning and it’s like I don’t have it anymore. No flakes, no itching, it’s fantastic. If I don’t use it, it returns. I also can’t use lotions on that area still, but it’s so great to not have any symptoms. It’s worth a shot!

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