Unflavored Lip Balm – Made With Organic Oils And Pure, Clean Ingredients

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If you are reading this, then you are probably searching for the perfect lip balm. We’d like to help you end that search here and now. If you want to have smooth, moisturized lips that will not crack or chap, this is the lip balm for you. Like most people today, you probably don’t want to have nasty, harmful, toxic chemicals going into your body from the food and water that you eat and drink. This applies to putting toxic chemicals ON your body too, since they get absorbed directly into your blood stream (courtesy of your skin care products). So don’t put toxic chemicals on your lips either. Our Lip Balm is made using Certified Organic Oils that are safe for the entire family, made only from the best and most pure ingredients. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee on all Christina Moss Naturals products. That’s our promise to you, so you can buy with confidence and without risk. So, add our Lip Balm to your Cart now. You’ll be happy you did, we guarantee it! Give your lips the love and care they need. They will thank you. And while you are at it, pick up a few extra for your family and friends. These cute little packs make great gifts.

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INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Ricinus Communis (Castor) Bean Seed Oil, Certified Organic Cera Alba (Beeswax), Certified Organic Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Certified Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Tocopheryl (Vitamin E) Acetate.


NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS, NON-TOXIC, NON-GMO: No synthetic flavoring, no toxic chemicals, no petroleum, no SLS, SLES, PG or PG derivatives. No soy, no corn, no gluten, no chemical fillers or synthetic fragrance. Just 100% safe goodness for your lips. All Christina Moss Naturals products come with a Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee.

THE BEST LIP BALM TO USE FOR ADULTS, KIDS, AND BABIES: Safe and effective formula that our customers have loved for years. If you use other brands, give ours a try. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Our lip therapy works very well on people with even the most sensitive lips. Great to include in gift sets.

EFFECTIVE LIP CARE TREATMENT: Our chap stick lip butter will moisturize, cure, energize and soothe your lips, protecting them from becoming dry, chapped, cracked, or weathered. Perfect for dry climates, sun, snow, or cold weather. Also works very well as a base coat or primer for lip liner or lipstick as part of your makeup routine, leaving your lips nice and smooth.

CRUELTY-FREE, ECO-FRIENDLY: All of our products are cruelty free (never tested on animals) and our packaging is made from recycled materials that is 100% recyclable once you are done with it. We use tubes that are made using 30% less plastic than regular lip balm tubes.

33 reviews for Unflavored Lip Balm – Made With Organic Oils And Pure, Clean Ingredients

  1. N.Y.

    This is good stuff! It has done great things for my Colorado ever-chapped lips. I’ll buy it again.

  2. R.C.

    I had been wanting to get away from using lip balm that contains petroleum, and this is perfect. I like that it doesn’t have a taste or smell, and keeps my lips moist. Great product.

  3. M.W.

    I love how this balm feels. It’s so smooth and provides long lasting moisture.

  4. L.H.

    I love this lip balm! It works wonderfully, and is the first product I’ve tried that is truly scent-free, which is really important to my son who is highly-sensitive to odors. Very pleased with this product.

  5. F.D.

    It is a great product. Wish you made it in the big tubes like lip smacker.

  6. K.W.

    This lip balm is great as it simply makes my lips moist without any chemicals or worse yet some flavor that I don’t want to taste or smell everyday I use it! Great lip balm!!

  7. S.M.

    A great deal and a great product. Very moisturizing. I needed something that would help with the dryness and this does it. Very pleased with this product.

  8. B.A.


  9. C.F.

    This is just what I needed after the Neutrogena no-petroleum lip balm I’d used for years ceased production. I am allergic to mineral oil and petroleum jelly and, of course, they are in most lip products. I tried the two no-petroleum lip balms I found in the drugstore, but they were not satisfactory. The Christina Moss balm goes on well and really does the job. I also like the five-tube package as I keep the tubes all over the house so I can moisture as needed.
    By the way, I have also found that a lip balm is perfect when you have a cold. Every time you blow your nose, put the lip balm all around the nostrils and you won’t get that sore, chapped nose that makes a cold all the more miserable. I’ve kept one of these lip balms in reserve just in case I get a cold this winter.I

  10. A.C.

    I have chronic dry lips and eczema around my mouth which no moisturizer or chap stick has been able to help for too long. So far this is the best chapstick I have ever used. I picked it specifically because the first ingredient is castor oil which is the best oil to promote skin and hair strength, elasticity, and health. I love the peppermint flavor which gives a subtle minty buzz to the lips.

  11. K.R.

    I was looking for a scent free, preservative and nut free (coconuts ok) lip balm for a gift. This goes on smoothly and worked well.

  12. A.C.

    Smoothe application and I love it is safe to use on my little ones face & lips. It works perfect fit chapped lips and sensitive skin, my ridge gets chapped cheeks in the winter and this product is perfect. It doesn’t get too soft and seems to hold moisture well

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